About Us

Australia's leading Executive Business Coaching organisation... delivering measurable success.

Our Background

In 1998 following collaborative discussions with European and American Executive Coaching firms, Foresight’s Global Coaching (FGC) was created to formalise existing coaching activities within the Foresight Management Group.

Since then, FGC has coached executives at the highest levels in 16 of the current top 20 listed Australian corporations, similar sized overseas listed corporations, private companies, not for profit organisations as well as in State and Federal Government entities.

FGC coaches at the levels of Chief Executives, both Global and National, Regional and Country Heads, Managing Partners, Corporate and Divisional Executives, and their direct reports.

FGC has grown from its initial 5 coaches in Sydney and Melbourne to over 50 Coaches, adding Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, New Zealand the United States and some East Asian cities as well as affiliates in Europe, the Americas and South Africa.

Our Value

The FGC coaching model has at its core one-to-one intensive uncapped access executive level coaching and mentoring. FGC Coaches leverage and enhance an executive’s abilities to meet agreed, measurable and sustainable objectives. We are trusted for our confidentiality and professionalism. We are proud of what we do and we strive to continue to be the leaders in executive coaching.

FGC’s coaches are both distinguished business leaders in their own right and are continuously trained by FGC to be extremely effective coaches. FGC has an enviable reputation for matching Executives with their Mentor or Coach.

Mentors working with CEOs in a highly confidential space enable the CEOs to enhance their complex decision-making and reduce the stress of their roles.

When coaching Executives, our robust quality coaching processes and our system of regular reviews of coaching objectives and feedback, ensure that we deliver the outcomes required by all of the stakeholders in the coaching process.

FGC’s Sponsor Support Program provides maximum engagement with the Executive (the person we coach), Executive’s line manager, human resources and FGC.

Our ongoing investment in our customer relationship and evaluation of coaching progress, through our Sponsor Support program is essential in supporting coaching success.