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Our Services – Executive Coaching, Mentoring, On-Boarding

FGC Individual Executive Coaching

  • One to One
  • Customised intensive coaching
  • Uncapped access
  • Organisational Leadership
  • Organisational scope and scale leverage

FGC’s Executive Coaching delivers the objectives of both the Organisation and the Client. Its benefits are measured against those objectives, and it is undertaken within the context of the markets and industries in which the organisation operates. Coaching briefs are taken from the organisation’s stakeholders as well as the client.

Successful coaching improves the leadership strengths of an individual and is leveraged to flow on to broad organisational improvements.

 FGC Coach-Mentoring

  • One to One
  • Customised intensive coaching
  • Uncapped access

FGC approaches Coach-Mentoring with the Client establishing the objectives for the engagement.

FGC Coach-Mentors provide CEOs or Corporate Divisional Heads with an entirely private space enabling in-depth highly confidential one-to-one discussions. Organisational briefs are not taken and organisational objectives are not the benchmark for measuring the success of the assignment.

The engagement is pro-active, not passive, and the iterative process facilitates a different way of approaching business and people issues.

FGC Development Coaching Programme

  • One to One
  • Customised individual development
  • Multiple coaching initiatives
  • Cultural and leadership leverage

Customised Individual Development coaching for leadership and cultural leverage is limited to concurrent multiple assignments. The Coach’s detailed preparation and continuous review frames the process.


Included in FGC methodologies is the establishment of a highly confidential space in which it works with its Clients. When working with new Executives to assist them to settle into their new roles, confidentiality is a critical element in an FGC Coach’s work.

Within that confidential environment, on-boarding support includes the following activities.

  • Exploring the differences between the realities of the role & the initial role description
  • Placing the role into the context of the Organisation
  • Identifying gaps which have arisen between the Client’s previous knowledge and experience and the experience needed in the new role
  • Exploring the Client’s perception of the culture and the dynamics of the Client’s new organisation and experience from previous organisations
  • Consider Peers, Structure and Governance to identify specific opportunities and or challenges they present
  • Consider the background and experience of direct reports, identifying any gaps which could make delegation difficult
  • From these explorations and considerations, any issues which emerge including experience or cultural gaps become the focus of coaching support to close or bridge those gaps.
  • The Coach supports the Client to understand and to develop strategies and tactics which could be implemented to enable the Client to operate successfully in the new organisation.
  • Coach and Client work together on any knowledge or experience gaps identified to quickly close those gaps.