FGC's Advantage for Business Leaders

“Qualities required of all FGC Coaches include utter integrity, deep business skills, knowledge and credibility, sound judgement, courage, an independent cast of mind and ability to act fairly.” Adapted from the Magna Carta (1215).

FGC's Advantage for Business Leaders

Critical Thinking for Leaders

Tony Cipa a global innovator, a numbers man, market driven and a financial guru – he encourages and empowers Leaders and identifies the potential for small risks and small opportunities to become big ones; he seeks both risk management and control and financial growth through innovation

Craig Cameron inspires and empowers leaders in this growing era of AI, supporting their passage through tough technological transformation, complex challenges and exciting innovations

Leadership in Strategic Uncertainty

John Stanhope AM is steeped in a career built in a complex financial and technological world; he is now deeply involved in AI and in the merging of ESG and Financial Controls and two new worlds of Universities and Ports! John has developed his strengths and knowledge in transitioning industries; he walks in the worlds of global leadership with global leaders and in the new world being constructed through innovation and transformation; he empowers, encourages and explores.

Harvey Collins CEO Mentor brings a global perspective to his work; the realities of the possible require innovative solutions and a need to be a powerful communicator; Harvey builds deep trust and respect and he is relentless in supporting the complex needs of global leaders

Multi-Cultural Leadership

Adrian Kloeden, a leader in complex global industries both technological and industrial, national and international, also those that are highly regulated and those that are innovative; Adrian empowers, energises, engages and his passion for both Financial Capital and Human Capital provides the strengths to increase knowledge

Dr Ian Pollard AM a CEO Mentor, respected Author of “Financial Engineering” and “Managing Life – discussing why as much care should be given to life as to Assets and Finance”; Ian is an inspirational leader and an experienced Partner to global CEOs as they walk the difficult and challenging roads of global leadership, Managing Financial and Human Capital in different Geographies with different Regulators and Competitors

Innovative Leadership

Justin Milne an AI and technology guru who contributed significantly to the expansion of technology in the telecommunications industry is a superb motivator and marketer. Justin empowers young Leaders to not just thrive but seek the top! Justin identifies realities, the possibles enabling success and innovation and in finding an infectious delight in the new and doable

It is all about Leadership based on wisdom, integrity, governance and respect.