Our Approach

Our Professional Approach

  • We work at Public Company CEO and Executive Level and with their direct reports, also with leaders dealing with complexity.
  • The Foresight Coaching team is highly professional, with robust systems and processes able to empower and engage our Clients and their Sponsors. The Team’s experience with large and complex organisations, its reputation and its professionalism delivers great coaching outcomes.
  • The FGC coaching model, used for all FGC assignments, provides our Clients with intensive, uncapped access to their Coach and maximises coaching outcomes which leverage into business success.
  • The FGC coaching model assures critical confidentiality for the Client whilst providing maximum engagement in the coaching progress for the assignment Sponsors – the Client’s Line Manager and Human Resources.
  • We have global bench strength with Coaches and Sponsor Support team members in most capital cities in Australia and New Zealand as well as in parts of Asia and London, Paris, Johannesburg, Montreal, Toronto, New York.
  • We continuously invest in our bench strength to ensure that we are able to support you wherever you need us. We are innovative and strive to exceed the expectations of our Clients and their Sponsors. We are very proud of what we do and we continually strive to do it better.

Examples of where Foresight adds Value

  • Enhancing leadership strengths.
  • Preparing people for succession to larger roles.
  • Partnering people in new demanding roles.
  • Helping technically excellent people gain the leadership and communication skills that they need when promoted into a broader or different role.
  • Strengthening managerial abilities such as building teams, developing people, identifying critical priorities & delegation.
  • Broadening people’s strategic skills and knowledge base.
  • Growing people’s courage and confidence.
  • Reducing stress in difficult roles & volatile environments.
  • Dealing with complex & difficult environments.
  • Developing an external perspective.
  • Learning how to work with a Public Company Board.